Local Ireland news publishers are running free one page ads this week in support of the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

The initiative comes as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has led to a deepening humanitarian crisis throughout the country.

Transportation issues mean that the most effective way of supporting those in need is by donating money directly to international agencies.

President of Local Ireland Declan McGuire said: “We are witnessing an appalling human tragedy in Ukraine and like many other organisations we wanted to do something to help.

“We are appealing to our readers in print and online to support the Irish Red Cross appeal so that resources can be deployed as soon as possible to help those in need.

“Local Ireland is offering its network of 42 news publishers around Ireland to support the national fund-raising effort.”

Liam O’Dwyer, Secretary General of Irish Red Cross, said: “We are so grateful to so many Irish people who are donating money and we assure them their donations will make a huge difference on the ground, where the various Red Cross societies are working 24/7 to alleviate human suffering”

“In just one week, the Irish people have donated just over €9 million. We want to assure them that the money is going directly towards food, water, medicines and shelter for refugees and Ukrainian people.

“We now ask the Irish public to consider registering a pledge on our website to offer Ukrainian refugees that will be coming to Ireland in the coming weeks the choice of a room in their home or, if they have a spare property that can be made available, to check our register of pledges on


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