The Brief / Objective

Hearing aids don’t make things louder, they make them clearer

Specsavers in Bandon wanted to increase awareness and take up across West Cork of their hearing tests and digital hearing aid service especially as the technology has moved on some much from the early days of hearing aids, the sizes have come down, there’s a wider range of options.



Local News Brand Media Partner

The Southern Star, West Cork

The Media Plan

The Southern Star recommended a tailored sponsored content package which comprised :

  1. a detailed article in the newspaper explaining the hearing services and potential payment options/state benefits available
  2. an equivalent online article published on 
  3. a short video allowing Specsavers and their Audiologist to explain clearly how they can help people suffering from hearing problems
  4. promotion of the article and video via The Southern Star’s significant social media reach

The campaign ran for two weeks in May 2019

The Results


Article was read on


Average article read time (seconds)


Video views


Our enquiries about hearing tests and hearings aids significantly increased after the campaign with The Southern Star and we are currently planning another phase with them for the Autumn

AudiologistSpecsavers, Bandon